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Day Quest
with Gahana
– A Testimonial

On a beautiful day in the Hill Country – cool, crisp, and sunny – I arrived at Avalon with a simple expectation. I intended to be open to discovery with Gahana’s guidance, and in the safe and loving space of Avalon. She had very thoughtfully connected with me beforehand to share about the day’s possibilities and to discuss my interests so she could cater to me, individually and specifically. I arrived with complete trust and confidence that helpful messages would be revealed. And I arrived with a light innocence and openness, a gift of the day, in and of itself. Throughout the day quest, Gahana checked in with me at various moments and offered me choices for focus, fully catering to what would serve me best. Her buffet of options is varied and rich and full!


We started our time together with welcoming and receiving, greeting Avalon, our co-creator for the day. Inside the lovely yurt we spent some time exploring my astrological chart Gahana had prepared, as well as some wisdom/teachings from various sources that she and I selected. Opening, expanding, considering, receiving…


Walking the land together was nourishing with the many alters, chrystals, and spirited offerings others have made to this nature space on Earth. I found the loving and healing energy mixing with the wild of Avalon to be both palpable and inspiring.


The greatest impact of my time with Gahana was the sound bathing with her Native American flutes, rattles, and energy stones. It felt as though the discoveries of the day were drawn into my soul to assimilate and thrive – to truly become a part of my awareness and growth. The rhythms and character of the music were at once penetrating and gentle, dancing with my being, engaging me wholly. Such a tremendous gift, Gahana’s fluting! I was deeply touched and sated.


As a closing for this Day Quest, Gahana invited me to take a walk sola. I was floating across the land with Avalon as my companion, communing with plants and birds, feeling the Earth and enjoying the light breezes. A wonderful close to a beautiful day in heaven. Thanks, Gahana!


With love and admiration for YOU Dear One,



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